Designing HVAC for Cannabis Grow Rooms


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Table of Content

Chapter 1 - Intro
Chapter 2 - Definitions
Chapter 3 - Plant Phases
Chapter 4 - Room Layout
Chapter 5 - Design Considerations
     - An Industrial Process
     - Customer Requirements:
         • Load sources
         • Air movement
         • Temperature and humidity set points
     - Critical Concepts:
         • Decoupled vs. integrated system
         • Sensible vs. latent cooling
         • Sensible heat ratio
         • Design set points vs. equipment capacity
         • Airflow and air exchange rates
         • Constant air volume (CAV) vs. variable air volume (VAV)
         • New build vs. retrofit
     - Equipment Location:
         • Hallway (indoor rated equipment)
         • Mezzanine (indoor rated equipment)
         • Inside the grow room (indoor rated equipment)
         • Mechanical rooms (indoor rated equipment)
         • Roof mounted (outdoor rated equipment)
         • On grade (outdoor rated equipment)
         • Dry coolers (outdoor rated equipment)
     - Heat Rejection System Types:
         • Dry/Wet Fluid coolers
         • Direct expansion (DX) system
         • Geothermal
     - Control Systems:
         • Building management/building automation system (BMS/BAS)
         • Low voltage
         • Standalone control
     - Geographic Location
     - Lighting Impact on Design Set Points
     - Common Environmental Issues

Chapter 6 - HVAC System Elements

Chapter 7 - Common Configurations
Chapter 8 - Dry Room Strategy
Chapter 9 - Project Management Tips
Chapter 10 - Preventative Maintenance
Chapter 11 - Agronomic IQ Products And Configurations
Bonus Tool - The HVAC Designer’s Checklist