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Thanks for visiting, I’m Cody Trenholme, your Strategic Sales Facilitator, the other folks are people I’d like you to meet on a call at your convenience. They are the best a brightest in the world of HVAC for commercial cannabis growers and our goal is to explore how AGronomic IQ can help you, help your clients, to increase yields and decrease costs -- which we have done over and over with other top commercial growers (9 of the top 15 so far – and counting!).

Using the link below, just let me know when, and I’ll coordinate an exploratory meeting with my team.

In the meantime, I invite you to learn a little more about us by watching a few short videos below.

Video 1: A quick welcome
Video 2: Overview of our patented Compressor Wall Technology
Video 3: How we deliver exceptional ROI for cannabis growers
Video 4: A detailed walkthrough of Compressor Wall Technology

Further down the page I would encourage to watch at least the first 3 of the top 10 reasons why top growers are switching to AGIQ. In under 4 minutes, they will further explain our competitive advantage and why an introductory chat with us will be absolutely worth your time.

Talk to you soon!

Cody Trenholme

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Cody Trenholme
Strategic Sales Facilitator


Geoff Brown
VP Technical Applications & Innovation


Will Staley
VP & Head of Sales


Zachary Chenier, P.Eng.
Strategic Applications Manager

1. Introduction

HubSpot Video

A quick welcome from Geoff Brown, AGronomic IQ's VP Technical Applications & Innovation. [0:43]

2. Compressor Wall (Introduction)

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Unlike anything else before it, our patented Compressor Wall Technology delivers precise growing conditions that increase yield, quality and of course profits. [0:59]

3. ROI

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How does the right HVAC decision impact your client’s bottom line? What critical factors should you consider to fully evaluate the your client’s ROI on the HVAC system you specify?

In this short video, Geoff provides some truly eye-opening insights that every engineer and grower needs to be thinking about. [6:55]

4. Compressor Wall (In-Depth)

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This revolutionary, modular, scalable, and redundant system dynamically adjusts to deliver the exact conditions required while brilliantly conserving energy in the process. No over drying or over cooling, regardless of plant size or stage of growth – day or night. [14:08]

Industry Expertise

Getting Grow Rooms Right Book

Getting Grow Rooms Right

If you want to make informed decisions and get grow room HVAC right, this is the book for you, offering valuable insights into an array of important HVAC considerations.

Designing HVAC for Cannabis Grow Rooms - Design Guide

Designing HVAC for Cannabis Grow Rooms

This design guide is intended for a range of technical specialists involved in grow room design seeking information on how to provide HVAC solutions for indoor commercial cannabis grow rooms.


These first 3 of 10 videos explain a lot... in under 4 minutes.

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Reason #2
Dry Cooler Heat Rejection
Runtime: 1:45 min.

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Reason #3
Built-in Performance Redundancy
Runtime: 1:05 min.

HubSpot Video
Watch the entire series...

Reason #4
Compressor Wall Technology →
Runtime: 2:06 min.

Reason #6
Variable Capacity Compressors →
Runtime: 2:07 min.

Reason #10
Industry-Leading HVAC Design Support →
Runtime: 2:05 min.

Product Offerings

Compressor Wall

Outdoor Solution
20 to 120 tons of capacity

Designed from the ground up to meet the demands of the cannabis industry, our revolutionary, patented Compressor Wall Technology sets entirely new industry standards for precise room control, reliability, and energy efficiency.
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Evolution Series

Indoor Solution
4 to 32 tons of capacity

Designed from the ground up to provide the ultimate solution for a wide range of grow rooms, our Evolution Series answers every one of the most critical grow room requirements.
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Dry Coolers

Our industry-leading Dry Cooler technology delivers outstanding heat rejection performance with smart-sensor control integration that dynamically responds to dehumidifier loads to save energy and deliver exceptionally stable room conditions.
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With the largest factory-direct service network in the industry, AGronomic IQ’s industry-leading service and support are invaluable aspects of doing business with us. In addition to starting up and fine-tuning every unit ourselves, we back all our equipment with exceptional warranties, optional service plans, and remote web monitoring to provide you with the kind of worry-free, trouble-free ownership experience that no other competitor can.


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